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5 Popular Cash App Scams

Person-to-Person payments (P2P) have changed the way that people give and receive money.  According to a Statista Global Consumer Survey in 2021, 42% of Americans had transferred money to friends or family using one of these services. But the same technology that makes our lives easier in many ways can also cause some major damage to your bank...

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Benefits of an Interest-Bearing Checking Account

Q: I'd like to open a new account to keep my savings and I'm wondering if I should go with another savings account or an interest-bearing checking account. What are the benefits and drawbacks of such a checking account?    A: An interest-bearing checking account - a dividend-bearing checking account at credit unions - can be a powerful financial...

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Debt Consolidation Loan v. Balance Transfer

We're all looking for the least expensive way to pay down high interest credit card debt. There are several options to consider and if you have a decent credit score you'll have even more options available to you. Two of the most popular and effective methods are balance transfer credit cards and debt consolidation loans. Both can help you pay...

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Money Management for Modern Couples

If you've taken the plunge and you're living with your partner or spouse, new living arrangements mean new responsibilities -inevitably including financial ones. While it can be daunting to discuss money, you need to do it to ensure a happy, long relationship.  In light of the fact that a recent study has shown 18-34 year old's are the least adept...

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