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Holding hands with elder in wheelchair

Elder Abuse Awareness: Protecting Loved Ones

World Elder Abuse Awareness Day, June 15, recognizes the risks of elder abuse and neglect of older people. It’s a day for family and caregivers around the world to learn how to take proactive steps to protect loved ones and for older people to learn how they can protect themselves.

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Sign that reads, Warning, Scam Alert

Top Amazon Scams to look out for

When it comes to convenience, service and variety, nothing beats Amazon. The world’s largest and most popular online marketplace can carry anything from beauty products to a chicken harness with a leash. Yes, that’s a real product on Amazon and you can purchase it! For almost anything you might ever want or need, Amazon most likely has it – and...

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Sign that says scam alert in large letters

5 Popular Cash App Scams

Person-to-Person payments (P2P) have changed the way that people give and receive money. According to a Statista Global Consumer Survey in 2021, 42% of Americans had transferred money to friends or family using one of these services. But the same technology that makes our lives easier in many ways can also cause some major damage to your bank...

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