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Cryptocurrency Coins

What you need to know about Cryptocurrency.

Cryptocurrency is a word that many know but fewer understand. Survey data shows that 98% of people do not have a basic understanding of what cryptocurrency is. With so much information online and so many terms and concepts, it can be challenging to understand what cryptocurrency is, how you get it, and if these coins are safe investments.

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Rising Interest Rates Effect on the Economy

Q: I've heard that the Fed plans to raise the interest rate this year. How will this impact the economy and the current inflation rates? A: The rising inflation rate, once determined to be a transitory and natural consequence of pandemic lockdowns, now appears to be here to stay, given that headlines announced a 7% increase in the consumer price...

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Satellite view of a hurricane

Top 10 Hurricane Apps

Even with all kinds of advances in technology, we all know natural disasters can still wreak havoc on our lives, especially here in southeast Texas. In any disaster, it's incredibly important to be able to reach help - that's where technology can make a big difference. Many apps have been created to benefit the user in the event of a hurricane,...

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Money Management for Modern Couples

If you've taken the plunge and you're living with your partner or spouse, new living arrangements mean new responsibilities -inevitably including financial ones. While it can be daunting to discuss money, you need to do it to ensure a happy, long relationship. In light of the fact that a recent study has shown 18-34 year old's are the least adept...

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8 Ways To Financially Succeed as a Couple

If you want to thrive as a couple, tough discussions are necessary. Talks about growing your family, where to live, and how to be intimate can affect your entire relationship. Despite the important of some conversations, there are plenty that never occur. Did you know that a survey found that 44% of couples think personal finance is the most...

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